In order to make the digital future a reality in the Middle East and to take advantage of this immense opportunity, service providers, along with other stakeholders in the digital ecosystems, will have to transform into Digital Service Providers. Legacy systems, operating models and organizations are ill equipped to provide the agility, speed and flexibility required to compete in a digital economy against digital natives.

TM Forum’s Digital Transformation Middle East conference will explore the complexities of the digital transformation journey, taking an in-depth look into strategy and business model changes, cultural and organizational challenges, the technology underpinning the transformation and ways to monetize this new reality.

Core themes of this event

  • Transformation – What and How?
  • Digital Customer Experience Transformation
  • Building Partnerships and Ecosystems
  • Embracing New Technologies to Maximize Agility
  • Extracting Value from Data Analytics and AI
  • Focus on Leadership
  • People and Culture
  • Realizing Value and RoI from Digital Transformation