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The ONLY Telecoms focused Digital Transformation conference in the Middle East

TM Forum’s Digital Transformation Middle East conference will explore the complexities of the digital transformation journey, taking an in-depth look into strategy and business model changes, cultural and organizational challenges, the technology underpinning the transformation and ways to monetize this new reality.

Digital Transformation Middle East:

  • Will have over 200 delegates representing senior executives from leading operators, vendors and consultants networking in a unique environment of collaboration.
  • Gives you access to the latest collaborative Catalyst projects that can help operators in their digital transformation initiatives through truly innovative solutions.
  • Provides a unique opportunity for operators in the region to benchmark the status and progress of their digital transformation initiatives against regional and international peers.
  • Includes over 25 senior executive speakers from operators and telecoms experts from the Middle East and beyond, offering practical insights and next steps on transforming to a digital business.
  • Opens the door to to explore new collaboration projects with operators, vendors and system integrators to move digital transformation forward.

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What makes Digital Transformation Middle East different?

  • Network with telecom professionals involved in digital transformation initiatives
  • Learn from the practical experience of industry experts on how to tackle digital transformation
  • Gain insight into how the TM Forum can help with your digital transformation (e.g. Digital Maturity Model)
  • See how the collaborative proof-of-concept projects can help in digital transformation initiatives through truly innovative solutions

Participate in our globally acclaimed Catalyst Proof-of-Concept Projects!

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Audience breakdown

Key takeaways include:

  1. Service Providers – 55%
  2. Vendors – 30%
  3. Consultants – 10%
  4. Others (inc. Regulators) – 5%